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Save The Vaquita

  • The Vaquita is on the verge of extinction with less than 15 off Mexico's Gulf of California. The smallest porpoise wasn't even discovered until 1958. Since then, the population has dropped at a rapid rate from bycatch where they get entangled and drown after being caught in gillnets intended for catching 

    Totoaba - another endangered fish. Even though the government permanently banned the use of gillnets in June 2017, and the international trade of Totoaba was also banned, it is still in high demand for its swim bladder and this has spurred the illegal fishing and trade of Totoaba causing the many deaths of the Vaquita. 


    Reprint on Coated Satin Cotton Canvas

    11x14” Flat White Matte with an 8x10” image



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